Consulting and Design Services

Pordis provides consulting, design, and fabrication services for the photovoltaics research and development industry, with specialization in the following primary areas:

  • Data acquisition system design, assembly, and testing; extensive expertise with Campbell Scientific hardware
  • Custom test and measurement solutions with complete program management from requirements gathering through design, prototyping, and manufacture.
  • Design of autonomous research stations, generally integrated into shipping containers
  • Design, fabrication, and deployment of equipment for PV module leakage measurements (sometimes referred to as high voltage bias or potential induced degradation studies)
  • MySQL database design for photovoltaic power generation research and analysis
  • Meteorological station design and calibration (pyranometers, reference cells, temperature/humidity, etc.)

With expertise that spans all aspects of experimentation from concept through implementation and monitoring, Pordis is ready and capable to deliver a solution that gets you the data and information you need to further your research and development activities. Key aspects of Pordis' organization include not only a network of software experts ready to deliver specialized expertise for the photovoltaics research and development community, but access to professional fabrication and test facilities.

Recent publications authored or co-authored by Pordis' staff include: